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Nursery  have enjoyed celebrating Black History Week. The children have been learning about Usain Bolt and what makes us special.


We used our fine motor skills to make necklaces using repeated patterns created by using the colours from the Jamaican flag.


We explored and used a range of collage materials to create the Jamaican flag.


We used one handed tools to develop our cutting skills as we created Gold Medals to celebrate our successes.



This half term Nursery have been learning about Healthy Eating. So far, we have read the stories of The Hungry Caterpillar and Oliver’s Fruit Salad.

Here we are creating our own fruit salads using descriptive language to describe what we could feel, taste and see.


We have created a Pictogram of our favourite fruits.


We used our fine motor skills to cut out own leaves and used a hole puncher to create holes to thread (just like the ones the Hungry Caterpillar made).

We used fruit to print with to create repeated patterns.


Spring 2017


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The Nursery children did an excellent job of representing their school on their first ever school trip to the Snowdome.

The children had so much fun and the session was filled by laughter from them all.


Tiny Tubing down the Snow Slide.

Fun and giggles as we develop our friendships.


Snow Angels


Hold on tight! We are going for a ride…


The children in Nursery have enjoyed exploring the world around this half term. They particulary enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year and sharing personal experiences with each other and representing their experiences and learnt knowledge in play.

They selected their own resources and used their imagination to create Chinese Dragons.


They have looked at different countries around the world on the globe.


The children engaged in sensory experiences and gave meaning to their marks when they wrote Chinese numbers.


They have confidently used one handed tools to make snips in paper and used their imagination to create Chinese lanterns.

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