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Weekly Blended Home Learning

All 'Home-Learning' resources for Nursery will now be placed on our online learning hub, dB Primary. Your child has been given login details for this website and the logo below will take you straight to the login page. On dB Primary, your child can access a 'Nursery' page where it will detail the tasks that your child should complete at home as well as the opportunity for children to upload the work that they complete. It contains all the documents that your child might need to complete the work. If you have any problems with accessing dB primary, please email us at enquiry@newoscott.bham.sch.uk

Monday 30th November

Celebrations - Christmas

Weekly Plan

Listen to the Story - Winter story

Talk about what the weather is like in winter. How is the weather in the story different to the weather today?

Tuesday 1st December

Listen to the Story - Winter story

Using tongs and cotton balls (or whatever you have at home), count out 5 and using the tongs pop them in a pot.

Wednesday 2nd December

Listen to the Story - Winter story

Ask a grown up to freeze some water for you. When the water has frozen – try and melt the ice in your hands. What does it feel like? Is it hot or cold? Dry or wet?

Thursday 3rd December

Listen to the Story - Winter story

Talk about the Winter Story with your grown up. What is your favourite part? Do you like winter? Can you draw a winter picture?

Friday 4th December

Listen to the Story - Winter story

Click on the link below and complete the Go Noodle dance.
Snowman dance.

Nursery Activities to do at Home

Be Independent

  • Put my coat on and do my zip up
  • Use the toilet independently
  • Put my socks on
  • Put my shoes on
  • Use scissors to cut lines and shapes
  • Write my name
  • Get dressed by myself
  • Wash my hands
  • Butter toast


Maths Ideas

  • Count the stairs
  • Find out how many knives, forks, spoons and cups you have
  • Find objects with numbers on and name them
  • Can you find a triangle in the house?
  • Go on a shape hunt
  • Who has the longest feet?
  • Who has the smallest legs?
  • Who is the tallest/shortest?
  • Sort your toys into different groups – big/small, heavy/light or by colour
  • Baking a cake – weighing ingredients
  • Playing in the bath – capacity – using language full and empty


English Ideas

  • Write a shopping list
  • Read a story
  • Write your name
  • Sing Nursery Rhymes and clap to the beat
  • Find rhyming pairs – bat/cat etc.
  • Draw a picture of your family and label it
  • Draw some pictures of the things you have done at home and write a label for each one
  • Try to match the initial sound in words – Pig, hat and pip

Summer 2020

Summer Term - Topic