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Please find below a copy of the Year Group Information from the beginning of the year.

Year Group Information 2019 - 2020

Key Texts for Year One

Year 1 E-Safety

Year 1 Phonics Impact Presentation

Year 1 Weekly Home Schooling Plan
 Week beginning
Monday 29th June 2020

Please share this story about Ted with your child ahead of returning to school.

When You Come Back to School

This weekly planner shows you the lessons we will be teaching to the Year 1 children who are now attending school. Please feel free to use this as a guide for your week at home.  Daily Phonics lessons can be found at Letters and Sounds at Home. We will continue to use White Rose Maths for our maths lessons and upload the relevant worksheets. BBC Bitesize also has work to complement each learning objective. Below the planner, you will find additional resources and ideas. English lessons and foundation subject lessons can be found by clicking the link at the top of the column.  

Weekly PowerPoints

English lessons - Powerpoint

Foundation/Other lessons - Powerpoint

Monday 29th June 

English - Read Charlie’s Superhero Underpants or listen to it at YouTube
Charlie might have had better luck if he had made a missing poster for his pants. Can you make him one?  Use the PowerPoint to see what you should include on your poster. 

Phonics - Lesson 46 - oa/o-e/o/ow/ou 

Maths - Ordering numbers - Lesson 1 worksheet

Other - Meet Paddington Bear. He has arrived from Peru and he would like to find out information about the UK. Can you help him identify the countries and their capital cities?

Tuesday 30th June

English - Can you remember all the countries Charlie visited and in the right order? Can you use the time adverbials we looked at before to help? Write a recount of the countries he visited. 

Charlie’s Superhero Underpants

Phonics - Lesson 47 - se - cheese

MathsRecognising coins - Lesson 2 worksheet

Other – Paddington is thinking about visiting Mexico. Let’s see what information we can find out for him.  Can you do the Mexican Hat Dance? 

Wednesday 1st July

English - We have received some postcards from Charlie! I read them and noticed that Charlie has made some mistakes with his capital letters. Can you help him write them out correctly?

Phonics - Lesson 48 tch-kitchen 

Maths - Recognising notes - Lesson 3 worksheet

Other - Paddington would also like to visit Egypt during his trip around the world. Let’s help him find out more about the country.  Can you write your name in hieroglyphics? 

Thursday 2nd July

English - Charlie would like to go on another adventure! What should he pack and why? Work through the Power Point and think of sensible items that Charlie should pack to go away?

Phonics - Lesson 49 se - horse

MathsCounting in coins - Lesson 4 worksheet

Other – Now Paddington’s thinking about going to China. Read about Bo’s Chinese New Year. think about a celebration you share with you family. Are there any similarities or differences?

Friday 3rd July

English - Handwriting lesson- Each week we will focus on one letter family. This week, we are thinking about ‘Long Ladder Letters’. Can you remember which letters belong to this family? 

Phonics - Lesson 50 - Review 

Maths - Toy Shop Money Game

Other - Choose an activity from the page below.

Other ideas

Oxford Owl Reading
Paris Adventure

A Flight to New York

Our Incredible Planet


Go Jetters on CBeebies  There are episodes for all the countries we are looking at this week.

Travel with Barnaby Bear

Here are some Around the World art and craft ideas.
Please click on the images below to enlarge.

Are you missing taking part in competitive sport and competitions? Don’t worry! We have entered into the Birmingham Virtual School Games thanks to our partnership with Wilson Stuart Active Society. You can represent New Oscott Primary School in a range of activities covering different sports.

There are new activities to take part in each week with prizes to be won if you are one of the highest placed athletes in Birmingham.  

To sign up visit https://www.sgochallenge.com/ and use the code WILSON. Remember to send pictures/videos in to your teachers… we would love to see how you are getting on! Good luck!

Please find attached a letter about online daily phonics lessons beginning on Monday 27th April. The lessons are specially for Reception and Year 1 pupils and have been put together by our local English Hub school, Little Sutton Primary in Sutton Coldfield. There are separate lessons for Reception  and Year 1 pupils.

Letters and Sounds at home

Year 1 age-appropriate educational websites:


Twinkl is offering access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge, to every parent and carer. 

Setting this up is really easy to do - go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


If you have any queries related to the any of the work set, or would like to email any work or photos of your work please email the below link and your class teacher will reply to you as soon as possible.


Recommended Reading Books for KS1

You may be able to watch some of these stories being read on YouTube or watch the film versions eg. The Snowman

Suggested Reading Books - Page 1

Suggested Reading Books - Page 2

Suggested Reading Books - Page 3

Suggested Reading Books - Page 4

Suggested Reading Books - Page 5

Free learning packs
Classroom Secrets

Interactive books and reading activities to share with your child at home.
Oxford Owl

Lots of activities with the familiar character Spot.
Fun with Spot

A variety of games to support all areas of the curriculum.
ICT Games

A variety of free phonics games.
Phonics Play

A variety of games to support all areas of the curriculum.

Lots of games and stories, often recognised by children from their favourite programmes.
BBC - CBeebies

A variety of games to support all areas of the curriculum.

Lots of great songs and stories with videos.
Learn English Kids - British Council

 Literacy website supporting reading and grammar.

Roy the Zebra