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Please find below a copy of the Year Group Information from the beginning of the year.

 Year Group Information 2019 - 2020

Key Stage 1 SATs Presentation

Key Stage 1 SATs Information

Impact Reading Workshop

Year 2 E-Safety

Hello Year 2 & Parents,

This weekly planner shows you the lessons we be teaching to the Year 2 Keyworker children who are attending school. Please feel free to use this as a guide for your week at home. Maths lessons can be found at White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize also has work to complement each learning objective. We will continue to upload relevant worksheets. Read a book for 20 minutes each day. Remember Oxford Owl has lots of eBooks that you can read at home:  Oxford Owl

Monday 29th June

English - If available, find a non-fiction/information text at home to look and read through.  Go through the Powerpoint together and look at the features of an information text e.g. contents page, pictures, captions, etc.  Information Text Powerpoint

Talk together about the different features and if a book is available, identify as many of the features as you can from the Powerpoint in the book.

Task – Complete the sheet identifying the different features of Information Texts.  Worksheet

Maths - Measure mass in grams - White Rose lesson 1 - Answers

Reading - Phonics play - Chose from a range of interactive games from phase 6. 

PSHE - Draw a picture of a friend and write some things about them that make them a good friend.

Tuesday 30th June

English - Talk together again about the different features of information texts, go back over the Powerpoint from yesterday if helpful.  Read through the information on Hedgehogs.  Twinkl.co.uk - Reading and Question sheet

There are 3 levels of text and questions to choose from, depending on your child’s reading ability.  The easier sheet is the first one.  Talk about how the writing is organised under headings to make it easier for the reader to understand.


Use the information sheet on Hedgehogs to answer the questions.  You can write them on the question sheet or in your books.  Write the answers in full.  Go through the answers together and check each sentence makes sense by reading them aloud.    

Maths - Measure mass in kilograms - White Rose lesson 2 - Answers

Reading - Read a book for 20 minutes.   You could complete a book review.

Science - Can you make a tally chart and bar graph of different plants in your garden or local area?  You can find an example on the website which includes some questions.  Twinkl.co.uk - Worksheet

Wednesday 1st July

English - Look back at the information sheet from yesterday.  It is organised under headings (Hedgehogs, What do they look like?  What do they eat? Hedgehog Habitats).  Today you are going to sort facts under the correct headings yourself – (What do they look like?  What do they eat? Where do they live?)  using the sheet of facts about sharks.  Sharks fact-sheet.


You could write the headings in your book and either copy the sentences or cut and stick the sentences under the correct headings.

Maths - Compare volume - White Rose lesson 3 - Answers

Reading - Spellodrome - Use your Mathletics log-in to access this.

Topic - Choose an activity from the WW2 POWer Project Prospectus.

Thursday 2nd July

English - (Similar to previous day)  Using the information on foxes read the sentences and then sort them in to the headings (What do they look like?  What do they eat? Where do they live?) Some of the information may not be needed, can you spot which sentences do not belong under a heading?
Foxes fact-sheet


Write the headings in your book and copy the correct sentences under each heading.


Have you got any sentences that did not fit a heading?  Could they fit under the heading “Interesting Facts” Write this heading in your book and add the sentences if you think so. 

Maths - Millilitres - White Rose lesson 4 - Answers

Reading - Reading comprehension – ‘The Princess and the Pea’ - Twinkl.co.uk - The Princess and the Pea Read the text and answer the questions in your book.

Music and Art - Listen to some music from our composer of the month: Giuseppe Verdi
How does the music make you feel?

 Look at some artwork from our artist of the month: Wassily Kandinsky
Can you recreate some of his work?

Friday 3rd July

English - Write your own version of an information text on Foxes using the facts you sorted yesterday. Use the template provided to set out your writing.  You could draw/stick pictures to your information text if you wanted to – make sure they are linked to foxes!  
Foxes - Worksheet
Blank - Worksheet

Challenge – Can you add captions to your pictures?

Maths - Practise Mathletics & Rockstars

Reading - Read a book for 20 minutes.  You could complete a book review.  Book review.

PE - Feel calm with some Cosmic Kids Yoga

Should you have any difficulties with this work or accessing the resources please use the Year 2 email address year-2@newoscott.bham.sch.uk to contact your teacher.  You can also continue to use this to send in your work, we love to see it! Hope you are all well and we look forward to seeing you again soon. 

Your Homework books are the perfect place to complete and store all your work.  You do not need to print lots of sheets. 

Are you missing taking part in competitive sport and competitions? Don’t worry! We have entered into the Birmingham Virtual School Games thanks to our partnership with Wilson Stuart Active Society. You can represent New Oscott Primary School in a range of activities covering different sports.

There are new activities to take part in each week with prizes to be won if you are one of the highest placed athletes in Birmingham.  

To sign up visit https://www.sgochallenge.com/ and use the code WILSON. Remember to send pictures/videos in to your teachers… we would love to see how you are getting on! Good luck!

All children have been given their log-in cards for Mathletics and Spellodrome.  It is the same user name and password for each site.  They have also been given their log in card for Times Table Rockstars.  Both cards have been stuck in to the children’s homework book. 

For those who did not have their book, the cards have been put into their homework folders.

The websites these details can access are:

Other websites your children may enjoy are:


Twinkl is offering access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge, to every parent and carer. 

Setting this up is really easy to do - go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


Addition and Subtraction - Twinkl link

Multiplication and Division - Twinkl link

Classroom Secrets

Free learning packs


Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is a website full of useful resources including advice and expectations for different age groups, fun activities across many subjects and reading materials to suit all abilities.  
Due to the volume of people accessing this website, many are experiencing difficulties logging in. However, most of the resources and materials can be accessed with no requirement to log in at present. 

Book review writing frames:


Recommended Reading Books for KS1

You may be able to watch some of these stories being read on YouTube or watch the film versions eg. The Snowman

Suggested Reading Books - Page 1

Suggested Reading Books - Page 2

Suggested Reading Books - Page 3

Suggested Reading Books - Page 4

Suggested Reading Books - Page 5

Fire of London – Topic

 Great Fire of London activity booklet

An online game for children to access which includes facts and details about the Fire of London.

Fire of London - game and facts


Animals including Humans – Science

A website with lots of interesting information about different types of animals, all presented in a fun way!

BBC - Bitesize

If you have any queries related to the any of the work set, or would like to email any work or photos of your work please email the below link and your class teacher will reply to you as soon as possible.



 This half term in Year 2 we have been working very hard on our writing skills.  In the first few weeks we invited parents or relatives to attend our IMPACT sessions so we could work together on character and setting descriptions.  It was great fun!

In class we have been reading and studying “Traction Man” by Mini Grey.  We have used this text to continue our studies on character and setting descriptions.  We even created our own Traction Man suits for our own stories and used our knowledge of Materials, from this term’s Science studies, to help us choose the correct material for each item.


In PSHE we have been thinking about our Dreams and Goals.  We learned about ways to overcome difficulties when striving for goals and thought about how other people help us to achieve.  We ended the topic by designing and creating Dream Birds to go in our whole school “Garden of Dreams.”  




Autumn 2 

As part of our learning during the Autumn term Year 2 recognised Multi-faith day by thinking about Peace and the way it is expressed across different world religions.

We used the song “Imagine” by John Lennon and read the book created from this to focus our minds on peace and how we can show peace through our actions.


As a Year group we created a display expressing peace in different languages and religions.


Also this half term we created POWer projects based on “A Journey through Europe.”  We used these projects to support our learning in school and enjoyed sharing our work with our classes.

Year 2 have settled in very well so far this half term.  We have enjoyed lots of new experiences, including Rockstars day where we all dressed up as rockstars to mark the launch of times table rockstars in school!


Our topic this half term was Indian Spice and we held a topic day towards the end of our studies. During the day we made and tasted Indian dips, used technology to compare India to the UK and enjoyed Bhangra dancing with visiting instructor Bally.  Everyone enjoyed the day and even the teachers and Mrs Walklett joined in the dancing!






 All the children have worked so hard. We can’t wait to see what’s in store next half term!