Welcome to Year 4

Please find below a copy of the Year Group Information from the beginning of the year.

Year Group Information 2019 - 2020

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Year 4 E-Safety

Hello Year 4 & Parents,

We cannot believe we are now at the end of June!  We hope you are still all well.  Here is the planner for our school based activities this week which you may like to use.  As always,  Maths lessons can be found at White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize also has work to complement it.  Oak tree academy, have some reading resources if you would like to try those too https://www.thenational.academy/ or you can still make use of Oxford Owl.  This week we are starting a new book for our English work called Jazz Harper Space Explorer.

Monday 29th June

EnglishLearn your new spellings for the week. Write each word then use the word correctly in a sentence and draw an illustration to explain its meaning. There is also a word search to complete or you could create your own word search using your spellings. - Twinkl.co.uk - Word search

Handwriting PracticeCopy out the When I'm An Astronaut poem.

Maths White Rose lesson Lesson-1 -  -Interpret-charts - Worksheet - Answers

ReadingOpen the Jazz Harper Space Explorer ebook or use YouTube Chapter 1, Turn to page 14-15. Read the newspaper article then complete the 'Find and copy task'. 

Twinkl.co.uk - ebook - Jazz Harper Space Explorer

PE - Practice your athletics skills this week.
Can you do some 100m sprints or practice throwing the ball like a shot putter would. Keep track of your speeds and distances and see if you can improve. Complete some of the SGO challenges

PSHE - Looking after yourself - Discuss ways children can look after themselves. Think about both physical and mental strategies. Choose 5 top tips then present them as a poster, poem or song.

Tuesday 30th June

English - Read Chapter 1 - YouTube  Discuss the events, the characters and the equipment Jazz needs to pack.  Discuss what they would take and ask them to give reasons for their choices.  Complete the suitcase activity and explain why each item is being taken.  Encourage different conjunctions e.g because, therefore, as a result, so, this means.  Twinkl.co.uk - Worksheet

Jazz Harper Space Explorer 1 - Twinkl.co.uk - Worksheet

Jazz Harper Space Explorer 1 - Twinkl.co.uk - Adult Guidance and Answers

MathsWhite Rose lesson 2 - Comparison-sum-and-difference - Worksheet - Answers

Reading - Read a book for 20 minutes. You could complete a book review

ScienceWatch - BBC Bitesize
Find some object around the home and test them with a torch to say whether they are transparent, opaque, reflective or translucent (allow some light through).
Challenge – explain which factors you kept the same.  Write a conclusion about what you found out.

Wednesday 1st July

English and ReadingRead chapter 2 page 18-28 on the ebook or YouTube
1. Complete the fact and opinion reading question sheet:

Jazz Harper Space Explorer 2 - Twinkl.co.uk - Worksheet

Jazz Harper Space Explorer 2 - Twinkl.co.uk - Adult Guidance and Answers

2. Complete the follow up fact and opinion task - Twinkl.co.uk - Worksheet

Maths - White Rose lesson 3 - Introducing line-graphs - Worksheet - Answers

Topic:– The TudorsUse the Powerpoint to learn about Tudor crimes and punishments.  Match the scenario with the crime and with the punishment.  You can stick them in your book or write them out and draw the pictures. - Twinkl.co.uk - Powerpoint
Twinkl.co.uk - Tudor People and Their Punishments - worksheet

Thursday 2nd July

English and Reading  - Read chapter 2 page 28- 33 on the ebook or YouTube
1. Complete the formal and informal reading question sheet:

Jazz Harper Space Explorer 3 - Twinkl.co.uk - Worksheet

Jazz Harper Space Explorer 3 - Twinkl.co.uk - Adult Guidance and Answers

2. Complete the follow up formal and informal follow up sheet - Twinkl.co.uk - Worksheet

Read the emails at the start of chapter 3

Maths - White Rose lesson 4 - Line-graphs - Worksheet - Answers

Art - Create a planet picture using any art materials.  We are going to create a chalk picture. 

Music - Listen to some music by Gustav Holst (The Planets) and review his work.

Friday 3rd July

English and Reading - Read chapter 3 - YouTube
1. Complete the reading question sheet:

Jazz Harper Space Explorer 4 - Twinkl.co.uk - Worksheet

Jazz Harper Space Explorer 4 - Twinkl.co.uk - Adult Guidance and Answers

2. Write your own description of what Jazz can see out of the window. Remember to use precise vocabulary and expanded noun phrases with commas to separate the adjectives. As a challenge you could include some description of how Jazz and Mum feel.

MathsPractise Mathletics & Rockstars

Reading Read a book for 20 minutes. You could complete a book review.

Afternoon Fun! - Make a quiz, zoom your friends, build a den, paint a picture, sing and dance or get lots of fresh air.

Don’t forget to send us an email.

Your Homework books are the perfect place to complete and store all your work.  You do not need to print lots of sheets

Remember to keep in touch using the Year 4 email address as we love to hear your news.  


Are you missing taking part in competitive sport and competitions? Don’t worry! We have entered into the Birmingham Virtual School Games thanks to our partnership with Wilson Stuart Active Society. You can represent New Oscott Primary School in a range of activities covering different sports.

There are new activities to take part in each week with prizes to be won if you are one of the highest placed athletes in Birmingham.  

To sign up visit https://www.sgochallenge.com/ and use the code WILSON. Remember to send pictures/videos in to your teachers… we would love to see how you are getting on! Good luck!

Year 4 Home Learning Resources

The children have usernames and passwords for the following sites which can be found in their homework books.


Twinkl is offering access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge, to every parent and carer. 

Setting this up is really easy to do - go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Recommended Reading Books for KS2

You may be able to watch some of these stories being read on YouTube or watch the film versions eg. The Iron Man

Suggested Reading Books - Page 1

Suggested Reading Books - Page 2

Suggested Reading Books - Page 3

Suggested Reading Books - Page 4

Suggested Reading Books - Page 5

If you have any queries related to the any of the work set, or would like to email any work or photos of your work please email the below link and your class teacher will reply to you as soon as possible.


In Science this term we have enjoyed learning about our digestive system.

We have learnt about the different types of teeth we have, the organs involved in digestion and also about animal food chains.  We investigated the effect of different drinks on egg shells and also made our own model of a digestive system using bread, water, orange juice, a plastic bag, potato masher and a pair of tights!  Do you know what these everyday items represented in our digestive system?

In maths it has been all about time and times table ‘Rockstars’.  Keep up the hard work Year 4, you are all performing brilliantly!


We have enjoyed reading the story Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughter and have used this to create setting descriptions and write dialogue.  The children in 4S role played part of the story and Mrs Strothers was very impressed with how well they acted the part of mean Manyara.






We have also worked hard to create some non-chronological reports about meerkats and crocodiles. 





What a treat we had at the end of the half term!  Here we are cooking a delicious meal- Nasi Goreng.  We had to cook rice, chop and fry vegetables then mix it all together to make this delicious Indonesian  rice dish.  Our favourite part was the tasting!