Welcome to Nursery

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Mrs Barr
Class Teacher

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Welcome to our classroom

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Family Groups

Full Time children are Hedgehogs

Part time children are Squirrels

Nursery Activities to do at Home

Be Independent

  • Put my coat on and do my zip up
  • Use the toilet independently
  • Put my socks on
  • Put my shoes on
  • Use scissors to cut lines and shapes
  • Get dressed by myself
  • Wash my hands

Maths Ideas

  • Count the stairs
  • Find out how many knives, forks, spoons and cups you have
  • Find objects with numbers on and name them
  • Can you find a triangle in the house?
  • Go on a shape hunt
  • Who has the longest feet?
  • Who has the smallest legs?
  • Who is the tallest/shortest?
  • Sort your toys into different groups – big/small, heavy/light or by colour
  • Baking a cake – weighing ingredients
  • Playing in the bath – capacity – using language full and empty

English Ideas

  • Read a story
  • Sing Nursery Rhymes and clap to the beat
  • Find rhyming pairs – bat/cat etc.
  • Draw a picture of your family and label it
  • Draw some pictures of the things you have done at home and write a label for each one
  • Go on a walk sound walk – what can you hear?